Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Weekend Draws To A Close

It is Sunday night and that means the weekend is drawing to a close.

This was one of those 'perfect' weekends. The heat wave finally broke and we are back to the normal idyllic San Diego weather.

After work, Friday, I went by the beach and played in the ocean for a while. I caught some great waves and rode them in on my boogie board. Afterwards I sat by the water's edge to read for a bit before heading home. My reading was cutshort as I started to shiver in the cooler evening air. It felt good to be shivering after suffering in the heat last weekend.

I enjoyed a beautifu quiet and relaxing weekend of reading at the beach, napping, playing in the ocean and walking along the beach. The water is beautiful and warm right now. Perfect for enjoying - no need of a wetsuit!

This evening I went for a walk along the beach in PB with Alice. Tourmaline is her beach - it is new to me. We walked all the way down to the pier. I had never been to the pier - so I wanted to check it out. There are cute little cottages -- as walked by we peered in the windows and I dreamed about what it would be like to have a cottage on the ocean. We joined the crowds at the end and waited in expectation as the sun sank into the horizon. There is something magical about an evening walk on the beach and watching the sunset!

Cottages On The Pier

Everyone Stops To Watch The Sunset

The Sun Sets

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