Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Under The Pier

Today I have been running around doing errands and tieing up loose ends before I head out to Biloxi. One of the elusive items on my packing list for the trip is "Avon Skin So Soft". Apparently, the Gulf Coast has these nasty biting bugs called chiggars/noseums -- and I have been told that one of the best ways to ward them off is with the aforementioned Avon product. Alas, I don't have an Avon lady or time put in an order with one. Late Monday night I sent out a distress e-mail to my local friends, hoping to score someone with a hidden supply of the fragrant bug repelling juice. Lucky for me, one of my friends had some on hand. This evening, I combined picking up the Avon bug juice (wow, is it *very* fragrant) with dinner and an evening walk on the beach. Last time we walked on this beach,we checked out the cool cottages on the pier - this walk we decided to change things up a little and explore the beach underneath the pier!

It was a nice cool evening. Cool enough that I could actually get away with wearing a jacket! As we head into late September early October I am programmed to anticipate the change of seasons. I have been really missing the transition into fall - tonight's weather was perfect! It reminded me of a cool fall evening walking along the shore of Lake Ontario.

I am now officially between jobs. It is a great feeling! I am enjoying not being chained to my desk typing all day. I start back to work on CDN Thanksgiving. Until then, time to enjoy the break and do my small part to lend a helping hand down on the Gulf Coast. Hard to believe two years have passed since Katrina ripped through the area.

Evening at the Beach

Under The Pier


Wearing a Jacket and Lovin' It!

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