Friday, September 7, 2007

Celebrating A Successful Code Release

The life of a DBA means lots of lonely nights and weekends doing code releases from home with relatively little fan fare. The only time anyone gets excited about data is when it is wrong.

In the software world data and databases is normally the core of the system -- but I have to tell you it doesn't make for very good dinner time/party conversations. No one says - hey cool you're a DBA (Database Adminstrator) ... or wow you shoot data around between systems for a living.

So what a suprise when at 5 pm as I was set to roll out some new code ... I found there were literally 15 people who were staying after hours and hovering around in excitement waiting to see the results of the release. Wow, all of a sudden I had a glimpse of what it must be like to be one of the 'cool' front-end folks. Half an hour before the rollout we got request for changes to main screen of the application. It had been 5 months since I made the original changes and I had to dig deep to even remember what they were. After 3 hours of on the fly work - we had the last minute changes implemented. There was alot of high fiving, hooting, hollering and a little happy dance when we finally got it. Below is a somewhat blurry picture of me standing proudly in front of a TV running the upgraded code (our product is web based and runs on TVs in Hospital Rooms).

One of the cool perks of this job is that there are TVs all over the place. At first I was totally jazzed thinking I could take a late lunch and watch Ellen live. But, alas, they have a DIRECT TV feed but no local channels. All the CNN you want - but no dancing with Ellen :-(

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