Thursday, July 10, 2008

From 55 mph to 10 mph

The whole world looks different when you slow things down. I am starting to enjoy some of the benefits of trading my car for a bike. Surprisingly, lengthening my commute from 15 minutes to an hour has had some wonderful bonuses -- better productivity, lower stress, more energy as well as the obvious ... less trips to the gas station! But, what I am enjoying most is how different everything looks, sounds and feels when you are on a bike. There are so many you miss at 55 mph. Sites you never see, sounds you miss and smells that never reach the interior of your car. One day this week it was the invasion of the wild bunnies, the next day an older couple practicing Tai Chi on the path. Today I came barrelling over a hill in the canyon when I had to swerve to miss these beautiful flowers blooming in the middle of the path.

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