Thursday, July 31, 2008


All summer I have noticed a noisy seagull on our roof -- seemingly guarding the area. If the Pickster and I hand out in the front Mr. Seagull will squawck like crazy. My furry friend will lay down and roll around pretending she doesn't hear a thing. Swallows have made a nest in the peak of our roof. It is fun to sit on the balcony and listen to the babies chirp. However, what I didn't realize is that Sentry Seagull as on guard because there was a nest with momma and three babies on the chimney of my neighbours place.

As I arrived home tonight Mrs. Neighbour and sus nietos were a buzz with stories of the three fledglings. It seems all week Mr. and Mrs. Seagull have been teaching their young ones to fly. They started with a flight between Mrs. Neighbour's roof and mine. Then two of the graduated to flying across the street. The runt of the flock fell from the roof and part of the afternoon on the ground while his siblings called to him from the roof. It was very fun learning about the adventures of the week. Makes me wish I was home earlier in the day to enjoy the goings on. Later this evening my neighbour came to call when she saw one of the 'kids' out for a fly. Alas, by the time I came out I had missed them.

Perhaps tomorrow...

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