Sunday, July 13, 2008

Directions Please....

On an average evening walk - it is expected that there will be an encounter with overly enthusiastic Mormon missionary. Once of the hazard's of living beside the temple.

On a typical weekend bike ride I will get flagged down by a lost tourist looking for the beach.

But, today I broke my human GPS record. Between my place and UCSD I was flagged down four times. Yup, count 'em four times. My favourite was the fellow that didn't want to pull over but wanted me to converse and provide directions through an open window while they continue to drive. My final encounter was from a fellow bicyclist. A young man from Illinois that stopped to ask me where I was heading. A simple question with no simple answer ... uh, no where in particular... I am just out for a bike ride. After finding out he was lost and really wanted to go hiking at Torrey Pines - I decided that was a good a destination as any and off we went.

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