Thursday, November 29, 2007

Visitors From Biloxi

I have a new 'must do' activity for visitors to San Diego. There is an amazing walking tour of Coronado that departs Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday at 11:00 am from the Glorietta Bay Inn (across the street from the Hotel Del). It is a leisurely walk and the guide is awesome. Not only is she enthusiastic - but she shares the most amazing tales of the history of the area.

One thing that was really neat about the tour is she took the time for everyone to introduce themselves and tell where they were from. A- and M- from Biloxi are in town - and that is how I came to be on this tour. They both shared with passion their story of surviving Katrina and the long journey to recovery. They shared some of the heart breaking details of insurance coverage that wasn't there when they needed it and the many obstacles that their community is facing as they try to rebuild. They also shared very powerfully how they were touched by miracles and generosity in the midst of their tragedy and that seeing the fires in California they wanted to come and reach out to the people here.

Walking Tour Group at The Hotel Del

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