Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Push Pin Fund

A grassroots movement has sprung up to replace my recently repossessed push pins (click here for the history of the fund).

Seems like every time I turn around another quarter is taped to the white board or someone has dumped their penny collection into the marker tray.

The Growing Fund to Replace My Push Pins

The fund will be used to buy some creative and fun pin replacements. Below are just a few of the great options I have found. What do you think? Let me know via the comment section!


one_b said...

I'm diggin' the magic or pewter push pins. Although, basic red and white ones to replace the confiscated ones would be good. Hey, with the coin you're collecting, you could afford some push pins with "bling"!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about "bling"...I have known you a long probably still don't do bling.
If in the gardening variety they happened to have timy little maple leafs...wouldn't that be wonderful? Maybe tiny little Tadpoles????

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about the "bling". I do favour the gardening...wouldn't it be lovely if they had ones tha are tiny little maple leafs? As a fellow Canadian I am partial to the basic red and white. Oh, I know....what about tiny tadpoles??

Anonymous said...

Pewter is snazy. And you can bring them with you to your next job, whenever that is. At least that's what red fish told me to say :)

Anonymous said...

Stick with the multi-colored (coloured) ones- the options are limitless! See for ideas- including a Canadian flag at the bottom.