Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Growing Push Pin Collection

I recently took the money from the Push Pin fund and picked up a box of large colourful push pins. I then invited the members of the 'Push Pin Collective' to express their creative frustration by decorating the wall with their best push pin inspired creations.

To my surprise - my creative friends were appalled by the small palette I provided them with. I believe the word they used was 'stifling'. Clearly, 50 push pins was inadequate.

So .... the next day boxes of pins started appearing on my desk. The financial donations have now given away to 'in kind' donations. My only stipulation is that any donations I receive must be clearly differentiable from the 'official' corporate office supplies!

This enhanced palette does seem to be bearing fruit. I now have a scene created with push pins that includes a flower, a bird and a glowing sun.

Coming soon - pictures of my newly founded Push Pin Art Gallery!

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