Sunday, May 24, 2009

Registered and Ready to Go

I finally made it up to L.A. The plan was to leave first thing this morning ... but that didn't materialize. My body decided it is a long weekend and it wanted to take things nice and slow and easy.

I hit some holiday traffic coming into the city - but now I have arrived and am busy picking up my Bib at the convention center.

L.A. Convention Center, The Hub for Marathon and Bike Tour Registration

Picking up my bib

The Bike Tour hits the L.A. Marathon course the moment the roads close at 5 a.m. The cyclists need to clear the route before 7:30 am when the runners hit the road. I am jazzed to be riding through the heart of L.A. with NO traffic!

Now that I have my bib - I am off to grab a bite to eat and head to bed freakishly early. I need to be back up by 3 a.m. to head downtown and queue up for the ride!

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