Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beverly Hills, Cupcakes, A Porsche and "THE Jacket"

Spent the day at The Getty. On the way home I met up with friends in Beverly Hills for cupcakes at Sprinkles. There was a L-O-N-G line down the street ... almost an hour to get into the bakery. But, WoW, it was worth the wait!

This is the scene in the parking lot - shortly after consuming the cupcakes!


MeL said...

Definitely looks like a sugar rush too me, I wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

One hour wait for a cupcake, must have been one heck of a cupcake ;)

Loved "seeing" Michelle, Cher and YOU again.

Wish I was there too.


Anonymous said...

The video is hilarious, the thing is, you can barely hear the radio so it looks like you two are dancing to nothing.



Tippie said...

MeL - sugar high, that is our story and we are stickin' to it :-)

Kate - music, who needs music, when you are riding a cupcake high!