Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 8

Day eight of my nutritional cleanse adventure is drawing to a close!

Good news: I feel like the detox is working. I have even reluctantly accepted the idea of 'two almonds' as a delicious afternoon snack!

Fortunately, I have been feeling so well there has been little temptation to stray.

  • Sprinkles announces home cupcake delivery - sure I salivate but I can wait.
  • Helpful office mate drops off my favourite chips ... I take them home and put them in the cupboard for post cleanse.
  • unch time taunts of the amazing chocolate chip cookies from the DoubleTree... I look the other way.

I have been feeling good about my ability to resist ... perhaps even a little cocky. That is ... until.... today.

Let's just say my *friends* at the office kicked it up a notch. In celebration of R- 's birthday there was a little get together in the kitchen with THE MOST DECADENT chocolate cake. I stood quietly off to the side, thinking of the delicious two almonds waiting at my desk - but no one was going to let me get off that easy.

Below is a picture of R- in action!

Ha! I can not be foiled that easily! I got my handy dandy tupperware container ... scooped up a piece of cake and I am saving it for Saturday when we will enjoy a little post cleanse celebration.

One more day to go. Wish me luck!

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