Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's popular in Christian circles to say prayer works. Yet, no one knows how prayer works or what exactly constitutes an answer to the many requests we make of God on behalf of our families, friends, and loved ones. It's a matter of faith. We pray because we trust that God precedes us in caring about all aspects of life. We pray because we know prayer changes how we think, feel, and act. And sometimes we pray because we don't know what else to do - we've exhausted all human action on behalf of the one we are praying for. We have no choice but to leave the concern in God's hands. Praying for others not only involves petitions for our loved ones, but also prayers for the larger human community - our neighborhoods, churches, nation, national leaders, and the world.

Teresa A. Blythe

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Laurie said...

:-) And the service yesterday was marvelous! Kobie brought all her sympathy cards and a prayer shawl that one of the women at Brentwood made and laid them out on the communion table. She went directly from the sermon into the prayers of the people and I think we had more prayers than we've *ever* had! The Spirit was definitely moving!

If you like, I can send you the bulletin insert that we made up that's all about praying for one another. I found it fascinating!

Take good care!