Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have often wondered why most companies have a creative department with a limited number of people, usually a very small percentage of the people which are on the payroll.

Every department in a company is a creative department as long as the department has people in it. All people are creative. Creativity has its root in the creator which is within each of us. As you permit the higher side of your nature to express itself in a greater way for good in your life, you are being creative.

There are an enormous number of people who deprive themselves of many of the joys life offers because they believe they are not creative.

"Musicians are creative, writers, artists and designers are creative but I'm not."

You should realize there are creative auto-mechanics, carpenters, secretaries and warehouse people. There are lawyers, accountants and dentists who are creative.
Creativity has absolutely nothing to do with what you do but it has everything to do with how you do it. William James said, "Creativity is the ability to think in unhabitual ways."
Pay particular attention today to the various people you come in contact with. Observe closely how these people apply themselves to their jobs.

Some will be an absolute symphony in every move they make. It will be obvious they have given creative thought to their work while others move in a very mechanical way. If they are asked to do anything which may be out of the norm you may very well hear the reply, "I'm sorry, that is not my job." There are definite self-imposed limitations to their activity.

They have never learned that they are a truly dynamic being with limitless creative potential in every fiber of their being. Nor have they learned that this creative potential is awaiting recognition from them.

You have the opportunity to express your creativity staring you in the face every minute. If you haven't begun to express it, do so today.

Bob Proctor
creativity enabler

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