Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday Bike Ride - 20070727

Thanks to "summer hours" I was finished work at 1 pm today! I quickly grabbed a carne asada burrito at Roberto's and with my bike in the back - headed to the beach.

A friend had emergency appendix surgery earlier in the week - so the plan for this Friday afternoon is to ride up to Encinitas to visit and drop off a get well card. I am starting my ride at Torrey Pines Beach - that way when I return in a few hours I can go play in the ocean to cool off.

BTW, it has been FREAKIN' HOT here in Southern California this week! I think the heat is making the Friday afternoon drivers cranky and impatient - I had two close calls cyclying through Del Mar. I have been thinking, perhaps, I should stick to riding the coast highway on the weekend when the traffic is more the "mellow surfer dude crowd" then the "cranky commuters and tourist crowd" I just experienced.

I totally had a 'Bay Watch Moment' today!!! As I pulled up to the park in Del Mar a Sherrif's helicopter lifted off right in front of me and buzzed over my head. I half expectd to see Pamela Anderson looking up and waving to the 'copter. Turns out it was just a training exercise for The Junior Lifeguards.

15th Street Beach in Del Mar

Scene of my "Bay Watch"Moment.
Sherrif's Helicopter just took off from this grassy area

Baby Palm Tree. Coast HWY Solana Beach

"Cool" Cactus Garden.
Hot and Tired -- I reach my friend's house. Encinitas, CA

Looking towards home. Time to cool off and play in the ocean!
Crazy Summer Traffic Heading Northbound

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